Installed packages

Installed packages

Here is the list of packages, that are installed by default .
However, it’s a Linux system so if you need additional stuff, it’s probably one apt install away.

System features

Package Description
Xorg X window system
Openbox Lightweight, configurable window manager
OpenSSH Remote access (command line)
x11vnc Remote access (visual)
PulseAudio Linux sound system
unclutter Hides the mouse cursor
scrot Screenshot tool

Helper tools

Package Description
x11-xserver-utils X11 utilities
git Git client
unzip De-archiver for .zip files
make Utility for directing compilation
gcc GNU C compiler
obconf Openbox configuration GUI
obmenu Openbox menu configurator
Augeas Configuration editing tool
Chromium Web browser, also used to display settings
pavucontrol PulseAudio Volume Control
curl curl is a tool to transfer data from or to a server
htop A nice process viewer for the terminal
vainfo Displays information about the VA API driver
bash-completion Auto complete commands in the terminal
nano Sweet text editor. Nobody in their right mind would want vim
psmisc System utilities