Install on ODROID

Download an Image

In the ODROID wiki find and download a minimal Ubuntu image. It should be named something like


The date and version might have changed).
Flash it on your eMMC module or SD card and boot from it.

Create the tooloop user

Log in as

User: root
Password: odroid

You either do it on the machine or via SSH.

Optional change root password


Create tooloop user

adduser tooloop
usermod -a -G sudo tooloop

Set locale and keyboard layout

dpkg-reconfigure locales
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
dpkg --configure -a

Install Tooloop OS

Now get the Tooloop OS files and run the installer:

apt install -y git && git clone && Tooloop-OS/

While updating the base system, the installer will inform you that a new boot.ini was installed. That’s ok.

After some minutes the system will automatically reboot into you new and shiny Tooloop OS.
If your're curious what the installer does, check the install script.

Yay, you're done!
Enjoy the first steps on your new Tooloop Box.