Tooloop OS

Making your life easier.

Tooloop OS is based on a minimal installation of Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS and the super lightweight window manager Openbox. Both are customized to fit the needs of public multimedia installations.

Many ideas of Tooloop OS are based on this article in the openframeworks book on keeping a linux installation up forever.

However Tooloop tries to take the aproach one step further. It also comes with a set of neat management utilities that will make your life much easier.

Tooloop OS comes pre-installed on machines sold by our partners. If you’ve built a machine yourself, please follow the link.

Installing Tooloop OS

The Tooloop desktop


Please do not disturb

  • Quiet boot without logos or clutter
  • No notifications
  • Hidden mouse cursor
  • Updates disabled


All power to you

Memory footprint

250 MB

HDD usage

2.5 GB


17 s

Unnecessary things


Tooloop OS boots into your running application in seconds and all the power of your machine is used to display your application and for nothing else.

Easy to manage

Everything under control

There's certain management tasks we repeatedly have to do with our live systems. Managing assets or configuring machines and software. Tooloop OS provides some features so you can always reach out to your machines over the network.

  • Browser interface
  • Health monitoring
  • Confidence monitoring with screenshots and screen sharing
  • Remote access
  • Easy installer for apps and packages