Download Ubuntu

Connect to the internet

During the installation process you will need to download packages from the internet. Please make sure. that your box is conected via Ethernet cable and reveives an IP address over DHCP.

Install the base system

Choose a language for the install process.

Press F4 and select “Install a minimal system” from the Modes menu.
Then select “Install Ubuntu Server with HWE kernel” from the main menu.


Choose language timezone, locale keyboard layout to your liking. It won't have any real effect on your system. It’s just the language you will see in the console.

Hostname and user

Enter a hostname.

Name the default user “tooloop”.

Don't encrypt the home directory.


Select auto paritioning.


Leave this blank (unless you have an IT guy to tell you otherwise).

Auto updates

We don't want anything that’s not in our control.

Software selection

Select only “OpenSSH server”.

This way we can log into our box over SSH right after the first reboot.


Yes to GRUB.


Install Tooloop OS

After the base system was installed, log into your Tooloop box. You either do it on the machine or via SSH.

Now get the Tooloop OS files and run the installer:

sudo apt install -y git && git clone && sudo Tooloop-OS/

After some minutes the system will automatically reboot into you new and shiny Tooloop OS.
If your're curious what the installer does, check the install script.

Yay, you're done!
Enjoy the first steps on your new Tooloop Box.